Chi Town House

Once comprised of small, dimly lit rooms, the ground floor has been reimagined into a spacious, light-filled haven. Through careful planning and skilled craftsmanship, we removed walls to create an open-plan layout flooded with natural light, revitalising the entire space.

Central to the redesign is a stunning kitchen, blending functionality with beauty. Alongside, three new bathrooms have been crafted, each a testament to modern luxury with sleek fixtures and elegant tiling. Throughout the three-bedroom townhouse, LVT flooring has been installed, seamlessly integrating style and durability.

At Sustainabuild Sussex, sustainability is at the forefront of our ethos. Every decision, from material selection to energy-efficient solutions, reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. The Chi Town House renovation stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence in home transformation.

Step into the gallery and witness how the Chi Town House has been elevated into a contemporary haven, merging timeless elegance with modern living. Join us in exploring the possibilities for your own home renovation journey with Sustainabuild Sussex.



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